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How Does 3D Designing Help In Enhancing The Quality Of Movies And Games?

CAD or computer-aided design is software that helps in the optimization, analysis, and modification of a design which automatically increases the productivity and growth of the designer. It also helps in improving the quality of the design through communication, which in turn increases the creation of the database in the form of electronic files for print and other types of manufacturing sources. The 3D CAD Designing software is widely used in small and large industries because of the affordabl

"3D scanning is a process for rapidly collecting highly detailed, accurate surface information of physical Product. 3D scanning is a non contact type measurement tool and is growing in area of application amongst a wide range of 3D technologies well suited for complex intricate geometries that require a high degree of accuracy. 3D Scanning is an optical data acquisition measurement technique which can scan any type of object, irrespective of type of material, geometry or size of the product. Using dedicated software, the point cloud data generated from 3D Scan is used to create a 3D CAD model of the product’s geometry or the point cloud can be used to Performance Enhancement an

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3D printing or additive manufacturing refers to processes in which raw material is joined, solidified or sintered under computer control machine to create a three-dimensional product, with material being joined together (such as liquid resins or powder grains being fused together). Other terms are also used as Rapid Prototyping, Additive Manufacturing, Direct Digital Manufacturing, Design Manufacturing Factory, Scale model manufacturer in India, best rapid prototyping in Jaipur, Casting 3D printing services, and 3D printing for medical devices, etc.

Designifying refers to Design Manufacturing Facto


Polyurethane Vacuum casting is a low-cost but fast and reliable method for making a low quantity of high-quality prototypes based on a master product model. Using two-component polyurethanes raw material and silicone molds, Vacuum Casting is known for its fast production capabilities of high-quality prototypes or end-use products. Vacuum Casting process begins by manufacturing or prototyping a master model, typically using Stereolithography or Laser Sintering 3D printing technology, with a high-quality surface finish. Then a silicone mould is produced by casting desired material silicone around the master copy, under vacuum to avoid air bubbles in the mold. After curing o

After finalisation of prototype product, now its time to launch the beta product to selected few members to test the product before investing heavily in production tooling. Low Volume Manufacturing is increasing in scope and reach as each year passes.

Now, the Industrial 4.0 shift from mass manufacturing towards customised manufacturing, low quantity products are the requirement. Be it for testing, prototyping or end usage batch production manufacturing is the solution. At designifying we are dedicated to help industries with all their prototyping needs thats why we gain our expertise in customised low volume manufacturing or batch production runs. Using additive manufacturing a

3D printing aka additive manufacturing has changed the way we would manufacture almost everything traditionally. Additive manufacturing technology is much more efficient, faster and cheaper than the more conventional way of moulding or manufacturing using subtractive technology. The fact remains though, that the surface quality of prototype you get from a 3d printer doesn’t match our expectations. When you create an object with 3D printing or any other additive manufacturing technology, you want it to be perfect, to have the highest surface quality and to be as much heat and wear resistant as possible. Since the 3D printing technology is building the final product layer-by-layer, th


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The engineering designing process of duplicating or creating digital copies of existing component, sub-assembly, or product, without the availability of drawings, documentation, or computer model of the product is known as reverse engineering. During the development and design process of a new product, your team may need the specifications and details from an existing part or a product. Reverse engineering makes this happen - extracting data and design information from an existing prototype or product with the intent of reproducing it in a new design. It often involv

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3d laser cutting services exists and is used for decades for better finishing of surfaces. The focused laser beam is employed to melt burn or vaporise away the material into a high-quality finish. These can be applied to cut:


a)    Flat-sheet material

b)    Structural materials

c)    Piping materials.


The heat generated by the beam makes precision, easier work holding, and reduced warping possible; unlike the mechanical cutting. Advancements did take place in laser cut

3D Printing technology is leading the next Industrial Revolution. An age where mass production is replaced by mass customization. It will impact practically every company in the world which manufactures products for its customers. The consultants at Designifying have years of experience in 3D technologies (3D Scanning, 3D Design and 3D Printing) and they can answer the major question which effects your business today i.e.– “How will 3D Printing change the business over the next 10, 20 or 30 years?”.


We are on a mission to make the most of digital manufacturing, using it in the most relevant way. We support you to deal with your major challenges

"3D Printing or rapid prototyping is an additive manufacturing technique that creates a physical object from a virtual 3D CAD model by depositing material layer by layer. 3D Printer works like the traditional inkjet 2D paper printers, but instead of ink, a 3D printer deposits desired material to manufacture an product from its digital format. 3D printing and rapid prototyping, in general, are widely claimed to have revolutionised not only the manufacturing industry but also many other walks of life like medicine, aerospace and automotive industry as well as gift articles, toys, and consumer products.The popularity and awareness of 3D Printing is exploding. It is breaking down barrier


3D CAD Design Services

The world today thrives on innovation so understanding the essence of 3D CAD design is very important. You can embark on a journey to learn more about the world of 3D CAD and explore how designing can be your trusted partner in turning ideas into visually captivating designs.

Understanding 3D CAD Design Unleashing Creativity In 3 Dimensions

3D CAD designs or three-dimensional computer-aided design is a modern approach to creating digital representations of your objects or spaces. Unlike typical 2D design 3D CAD design also allows you to visualize and manipulate designs in three-dime

3D Scale Model Maker

Just think about this your concept is perfectly crafted in a miniaturized masterpiece. That's what the magic of 3D Scale model maker is all about. It goes beyond creating replicas, it is all about capturing the essence of your idea in a three-dimensional marvel that tells a unique story. We take pride in mastering this art breathing life into your imagination through our unparalleled scale model manufacturing.

We stand as a catalyst helping you with the best scale mode making services. We truly emerge as the go to scale model manufacturer for you if you're looking forward to bringing your v