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After finalisation of prototype product, now its time to launch the beta product to selected few members to test the product before investing heavily in production tooling. Low Volume Manufacturing is increasing in scope and reach as each year passes.

Now, the Industrial 4.0 shift from mass manufacturing towards customised manufacturing, low quantity products are the requirement. Be it for testing, prototyping or end usage batch production manufacturing is the solution. At designifying we are dedicated to help industries with all their prototyping needs thats why we gain our expertise in customised low volume manufacturing or batch production runs. Using additive manufacturing aka 3d printing specialised fast machines to vacuum casting technology, we ensure the quality of each part to be exact. When it comes to Injection moulded components we can also provide a uniquely tailored service based on added value in small numbers. Designifying low volume manufacturing can now provide parts and assemblies with cosmetic coatings straight from the tool – so no more degreasing, sanding, priming, finishing and coating is required. Our manufacturing solutions are selected for their suitability for low volume manufacturing and in accordance with our clients’ exact requirements – so if an initial batch of parts is required followed by another sometime ahead, we will recommend our batch production system. Of course there’s more to small batch production than simple mouldings and part assemblies. Designifying can provide working components and electronic boards and assemblies as part of the package. Read out more for details about batch production.