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Designifying is the one-stop destination when it comes to offering highest quality services at affordable prices.

We provide the following servixe:

3D Designing Services Noida

Leave the two dimensions behind and step into a world of three-dimensional designing with Designifying, offering the best 3D designing services in Noida. From animation to business and E-Commerce to gaming- 3D designing services at Noida by Designifying can help you up your graphics game.

It is always better to show a real-life three-dimensional object in three-dimensional virtual ways rather than giving half information with a two-dimensional image.

3D Scanning Services Noida

Want to recreate a real-world object in a virtual world? Designifying can help you do so with 3D scanning services Noida! Now you do not have to click pictures of a product from different angles to make your audience understand what it looks like in the real world.

Let the Designifying team use their expertise with the assistance of hardware and software to scan the real-world 3D object and get a 3D copy of the same object on the virtual system. You can use the 3D soft copy as an element in games, animation, business presentations, or even medicine.


3D Printing Services Noida

Why be satisfied with printing an image when you can print and use a three-dimensional object? 3D printing or additive manufacturing is a manufacturing process that uses a 3D design designed in CAD software to print accurate, durable, lightweight, and functional objects. It is used extensively in the medical, manufacturing, scientific, and research industry.

Many people are now using 3D printing to get an idea of a conceptualized object before spending a lot of money to manufacture it. So whether you want 3D printing services in Noida to try out a design you have created or bulk manufacturing of a tool you designed, Designifying is here for you!

Vacuum Casting Services Noida

Casting is a common process of making a master model, using it to form a mold, and creating as many prototypes as needed. The only drawback is that the common casting process gives uneven and rough surfaces that do not have a good finish! With vacuum casting services in Noida by Designifying, you can get prototypes or end-use products with excellent finishes and superior quality.

This is achieved due to the use of a vacuum in the casting process that eliminates air bubbles and makes the design smooth with evenly spread out the silicone. If you are working on models that need to be perfect, vacuum casting services Noida by Designifying is what you need!